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Friday, January 29, 2016

"Old School" Mapping

Hex Kingdom of Rivland

Have you ever liked one sort of gaming so much that you couldn't help but change existing things to fit what you wanted? Well, I'm somewhat that way myself!

The Kingdom of Rivland can be found in Midnight in Mogheim published by Ravenlore Press (sold on Amazon). That isn't exactly what this is about though. I mainly wanted to talk about an awesome bit of gaming software:

This program is highly adaptable to just about any campaign mapping you want to run! You can make maps like the one above for the Kingdom of Rivland.

I also made a quick version (still unfinished) of the Underdark of Rockhome:

The Rockhome Underdark is for the Gazetteer "Rockhome" from TSR. I was able to do this one as my first ever major hex map. The applications for this feature is almost without limit. I was also able to do a crude "player map" for use that was black and white:

The bottom line on this is that this program is amazing. I did everything here with relative ease, though I'll admit that tracing the coasts of Rivland was a bit of a pain. The thing is FREE for the version I used to do everything above. There is a paid version I'm going to use next to see what can be done with more symbols and abilities. I'll keep you posted!

If you want a copy of the Hex Map of Rivland, just look HERE in the files section.

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