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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Valuable Villains, Part 2

As a continuation of my Valuable Villains line, I will be working mostly within the confines of  The World of Greyhawk: The Glittering Isles which I am running as my home game. I'll try to make it so that the Villains I feature here will be usable in just about any campaign setting though...a Plug-n-Play sort of villain.

Today's villains is named Rhannoch Shald'Hrune, Raven King of Khel; a very dangerous, but powerful, behind the scenes manipulator of both good and evil men...all for what he sees as "right" in his world. Rhannoch is the son of a Half-Elf mother and Baklunish father; but only his name is a reminder of those individuals who have been gone for a very long time indeed.

Rhannoch began his life in the land known as Ket (or whatever other Arabic/Middle-Eastern culture you have; such as Calimshan in the Forgotten Realms). His mother, a Half-Elven wizard, was his early teacher of things arcane. Rhannoch excelled at magic which influenced the mind and eyes of his foes; he became strong in manipulations enchantments and charms as his mother had been.

Rhannoch Shald’Hrune is much older than his appearance would dictate. He long ago compromised his freedom to instead have the power to fight the forces of darkness by using the gifts of his Patron God Xan Yae (or some other god of shadows in your game) against evil. Originally Rhannoch was a Baklunish (Calashite, or what have you) wizard who sought to fend off the depredations of ravaging bands of humanoids from the lands of Ket (around the Lake of Steam), and works strongly against humanity itself when individuals embrace evil; though he ignores the fact that he is often using evil means to gain good outcomes.

Rhannoch slowly amassed the power he needed to become strong enough to take on the mantle of The Raven King. He took for his place of power the Dark Pit (once known as the City of Khel), a stronghold once held by the Ur-Flan (or ancient workers of magic in your game) who served the ancient evil known as Vecna (or some other evil demi-god). The Dark Pit rests in the mountains south of Ket (or in the mountains north of Calimshan) where it remains a secret to this day. In its depths Rhannoch is served by the ancient Ur-Flan who still live in various undead states (such as Crypt Things) or as their descendants who are now Dark Stalkers long ago changed who rule over Dark Creepers who were once dwarves who built the Dark Pit. There are many Demi-Liches who Rhannoch leaves to their own devices who rest within the city as well.

Rhannoch deals with disguised Janni who come to him and give information in return for magical items and/or information in return that they can trade to others. These Janni venture into the area of “Raven Mountain” before descending into the Dark Pit; and the many flocks of Giant Ravens which dominate the area leave them unmolested on the orders of their “King” Rhannoch who they serve. Rhannoch’s Seneschal is the Skeleton Warrior named Priasar, who has agreed to serve Rhannoch while the wizard searches for the undead warriors Circlet to free him.

Rhannoch is also served by many Baklunish adherents to the faith of Xan Yae, and a secret monastery rests within the Gateway of Shadows; which is the outer town, though still below ground. The monks and their followers guard the entrance for The Raven King as he is considered a Prophet of Xan Yae and so a very important religious figure among the worshipers of the Baklunish. The monks never pass the Shadow Gate which leads into the ancient city within however.

Rhannoch works his weal and woe where he sees fit; often felling paladins who try to conquer as often as evil wizards who try the same. To Rhannoch, "evil" is the taking away of freedom from individuals. He believes that only control of the self is right...all else is wrong. Though not truly evil, he is only not evil because he often does good as well...given time, however, he will likely slip over the edge into evil completely.

AD&D Rhannoch: Neutral hm M-U 18; Str: 12, Dex: 19, Con: 16, Int: 22, Wis: 18, Chr: 17. If you want to add some spice to him, you can make him a Shade as found in Monster Manual II.

Rhannoch's Statistics in 3.5 D&D:

Class/Level: Wizard 6 / Shadow Adept 10 / Arch-Mage 2
Race: Human Alignment: Neutral Good    Deity: Xan Yae
Age: 31           Gender: Male            Height: 6’1”               Weight: 174 lbs.
Actual: ?         Eyes: Black                Hair: Black                 Skin: Deep Olive

STR:   12                                HP: 115                                  Speed: 30
DEX:   24 (18)                        AC:  66 (Touch: 56, Flat-Footed 46)
CON:  16                                w/Greater Shield of Shadows: +4
INT:    36 (30)                        w/Haste                                    +1
WIS:   19                                w/Foresight                              +2
CHR:  17                                Fort: 22          Ref: 26           Will: 33

Initiative: +11            Base Attack: +9       SR: 18 w/robes
                                    Grapple: +8                    22 w/Shadow Shield
                                                                             23 w/staff

Shadowed Staff of the Arch-Magus +9/+4 1d6+2 damage
Silver Dagger +8/+3 1d4+1 damage

Skills: Appraise 18, Balance 7, Bluff 23, Climb 1, Concentration 24, Craft 13, Decipher Script 23, Diplomacy 8, Disguise 25, Escape Artist 7, Forgery 15, Gather Information 8, Heal 4, Hide 17, Intimidate 3, Jump 1, Knowledge (Arcana 36, Architecture 19, Dungeoneering 19, Geography 19, History 19, Local 19, Nature 19, Nobility 21, Religion 21, Planes 34), Listen 4, Move Silently 17, Perform (Acting 8, Dance 7, Oratory 7), Profession (Monarch 18), Ride 10, Search 15, Sense Motive 4, Spellcraft 36 (39), Spot 4, Survival 4, Swim 1, Use Rope 7

Feats: Shadow Magic, Improved Initiative, Scribe Scroll, Improved Counterspell, Reactive Counterspell, Silent Spell, Deft Defense, Insidious Magic, Pernicious Magic, Tenacious Magic, Skill Focus: Spellcraft, Spell Focus: Illusion, Spell Focus: Enchantment, Craft Contingent Spell, Leadership, Enduring Life, Live My Nightmare1, Eyes in the Sky2, Non-Combatant3 (Flaw), Vulnerable4 (Flaw),
Enduring Life, Feat, page 26, Libris Mortis
Live My Nightmare (page 94, Unearthed Arcana): DC 17 Will to disbelieve & Fort to live
Eyes In The Sky (page 93, Unearthed Arcana): sense Sensors in 40 feet
Non-Combatant (page 91, Unearthed Arcana): -2 Melee
Vulnerable (page 91, Unearthed Arcana): -1 AC

Magic Items: Shadowed Staff of the Arch-Magus (Shadow Touched Staff of the Arch-Magi), Ioun Stone: Orange Prism (+1 Caster Level), Greater Extend Rod 9th lvl spells or less 3xday, Greater Quickened Rod 9th lvl spells or less 3xday, Bracers of Natural Armor +5, Ring of Protection +5, Ring of Force Shield +5 (+7 AC), Gloves of Dexterity +6, Mask of Warding Shadows (+5 Celestial Save Bonus), Boots of Fortuitous Warding (+5 Luck Save Bonus), Heward’s Handy Haversack, Black Cowled Crown of Shald’Hrune (+6 INT, Good Wearers +5 Celestial Bonus to AC, Neutral Wearers +5 Luck bonus to AC, INT casters +5 Insight bonus to AC), White Robes of the Arch-Magi (+5 AC, +4 to all saves, +2 vs. SR, gives SR 18), Amulet of the Raven King, Magical Trunk (Miniature 5,000 GP trunk, when opened summons full sized Trunk which holds Spell Books and other items). Various Misc. Scrolls and Potions.

Class Abilities: Shadow Adept: Low-light Vision, Darkvision (in all darkness), Shadow Defense (+3 on saves vs. Enchantment, Illusion, Necromancy and Darkness), Shadow Walk 1xDay (at 10th level), Greater Shield of Shadows (+4 AC, Negates Magic Missiles, SR 22, 20% Miss Chance, Lasts 18 rounds), Shadow Double (AC: 27, HP: 51, Saves: F 7, R 8, W 18, Str 12, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 30, Wis 17, Chr 17, lasts 18 rounds). Wizard: Summon Familiar. Arch-Mage: Mastery of Counterspelling, Spell Power +1 (+1 DC & +1 vs. SR).

Spells Typically Memorized (4/8/7/7/7/6/6/4/5/4) Spell DC: 24 plus level of spell
DC is +1 more for Necromancy & Darkness / DC +2 more for Illusion & Enchantment
0th: Detect Poison, Message, Message, Read Magic
1st: Charm Person, Charm Person, True Casting, True Casting, Know Protections, Magic Missile, Net of Shadows, Silent Image
2nd: Shadow Mask, Life Bolt, Life Bolt, Scourge of Force, Crystalline Memories, Toothed Tentacle, Web
3rd: Inevitable Defeat, Spectral Hand, Spellcaster’s Bane, Hold Person, Pall of Twilight, Control Darkness and Shadow, Dispel Magic
4th: Greater Mirror Image (Immediate), Spell Enhancer, Shadow Well, Ghorus Toth’s Metal Melt, Anticipate Teleportation, Nightmare Terrain, Thunderlance
5th: Wall of Force, Dominate Person, Break Enchantment, Teleport, Baleful Polymorph
6th: Disintegrate, Circle of Death, Permanent Image, Chain Lightning, Geas, Greater Dispel Magic
7th: Projected Image, Finger of Death, Forcecage, Mass Hold Person
8th: Horrid Wilting, Otiluke’s Telekinetic Sphere, Temporal Stasis, Scintillating Pattern, Maze
9th: Wail of the Banshee, Power Word: Kill, Time Stop, Bigby’s Crushing Hand

Contingent Spells

Displacement (Extended: 38 rounds), Immediate Action, If someone rolls to hit and succeeds; gives 50% Miss Chance.
Greater Mirror Image, activates immediately after Displacement above.
Fly (Extended: 38 minutes), If Rhannoch falls more than 10 feet (up or down).
Freedom (Instant on Self) vs. Binding, Entangle, Grappling, Imprisonment, Maze, Paralysis, Petrification, Pinning, Sleep, Slow, Stunning, Temporal Stasis & Web.
Foresight (Extended 380 minutes), Immediate Action, if Rhannoch becomes target of hostile action he is unaware of. +2 AC & +2 Reflex, Never Flat-Footed
Timestop, Immediate, if Rhannoch is reduced below ½ his Hit Points.
Greater Teleport, Immediate if reduced below ¼ Hit Points, sent to Dark Pit.
Anti-Magic Aura, Immediately activates after Greater Teleport above.

Non-Contingent Spell

Heart of Stone DR 5/- Resist Energy 5 vs. Cold, Fire & Electricity, Heal only 1 HP/Day, Healing Spells require DC 27 lvl check. Real Heart in Adamantine Case in Magical Trunk.

Rhannoch’s Drugs

Haunspeir (Pill): Ingested DC 12, Initial: 1d4 damage, Secondary: 1d4+1 INT for 1d10+15 minutes and Slashing and Piercing do +1 damage, Addiction: Low. Costs: 50 GP.
Panaeolo (Leaf): Ingested DC 8, Initial: None, Secondary: DC increases by +2 for 1d4 hours (does 1d6 temporary CHR damage), Overdose: in 1st hour increase to +3 DC, suffer 2d8 CHR damage, Addiction: Low. Costs: 250 GP.

Sakrash Wine: Ingested DC 11, Initial: Dazzled for 1 minute, Secondary: Can’t be detected by effects that read or alter thoughts or emotions (No detect thoughts, zone of truth, modify memory, emotion, fear, etc). This lasts 1d4 hours. Side Effects: No Shared Thoughts. Addiction: none. Costs: 500 GP.

For Rhannoch's "Lair" I've pirated a picture I found online, modified it slightly, and placed it here for you to use...I wish I could give credit to the original creator but I can't find her/his name.

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