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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Journies in Ark, Part 1

Welcome to the World of Ark my friends! Each month I will be writing a bit about a particular region of the World of Ark to entice you to go there yourself and take part in adventures and stories of your own making. It is my greatest wish that you, like myself and others, will find that Ark is a place you can call home away from home. A place to whet your appetite for adventure stories, dark mystery and even to make you shiver a bit because of some horror that you read about! On with it shall we!

Today we are just going to talk about some of the basic facts about the World of Ark. As you can see by the small map to the left, Ark is a massive world. The entire 48 contiguous states of the United States would easily fit in the western area of the continent called Ghanam (which the Aerkay still call Aerkaya).

Unlike the planet Earth, however, Ark is a non-spherical world, and is instead a "flat" disk/cylinder approximately 12,000 miles (19312.128 kilometers) in diameter with a height of just over 1,000 miles (1609.34 kilometers). If we use the formula for Volume we get that Ark has a Volume of roughly 1.13x10ⁿ miles (n=11)! That sounds like a great deal, until you consider that the Earth has a volume of 2.61x10ⁿ miles! This means the volume of Ark is less than the Volume of even Mars!

Gravity (g) on Earth is 9.8; but so is the Gravity of can this be? Ark's Gravity (if we use science) should be even less than Mars (which has a Surface Gravity of  3.71). The answer is complicated, but lets simply say that Science was actually used to increase the gravity of Ark when it was created. This increased gravity field can be negated by various means, and is one of the ways that "magic" allows people to leap and even fly! Unfortunately, negation of the increased gravity is also how such dreaded monsters as dragons are able to fly as well!

The World of Ark travels among the stars, with no galaxy even to call its own. While the Ancient Aerkay found what they came to call "The Ark" as it journeyed into a region of their interstellar empire long ago, it had passed their world many times before. Ark is ancient and filled with life from a thousand worlds. When the Aerkay found Ark, they placed above it, in orbit, a great fiery "star" that they call Mundil to light the part of it that they were able to inhabit due to an existing atmosphere; they were unhappy with the little light provided by the glittering stars in the eternally night sky. It should be noted here: Mundil lights Ark, but it does not heat it. Mundil was set in the sky to track the passing of days for the Aerkay who colonized the alien surface of Ark, and since that time it has only failed once (for that story, read about The Burnt Maiden).

With this light, the Aerkay felt more at home and began to settle The Ark. However, no science/magic they knew could compel the place to stay in any place. To remain connected to their people, the Aerkay quickly placed one of their greatest creations in orbit above: the Ring of Selish. This titanic structure (powered primarily by Thorium) still glows in the sky. Its orbit follows a particular (and peculiar) path designed by the Aerkay and is the source of the ability to travel instantaneously from one place to another upon the surface of Ark. Travel through the Ring of Selish itself allows anyone able to survive the vacuum of space to travel to the now fallen Aerkay homeworld. The Aerkay do not talk about it, and indeed it can bring great anger to them.

Peering up from the surface of Ark when it passes into a new solar system brings constant awe to the inhabitants of the world. As Ark continues to get closer to a "new" world (new to those alive, though Ark visits the same worlds as often as once every 1,000 years) it slowly turns until the inhabitants of Ark can no longer see the world as the "Underworld of Orcus" hovers above the new planet. What happens then, few know; but quite often as Ark leaves the world behind, new creatures and beings appear in Ark in various places.

The stories of mankind tell of bright lights and demons taking them and then they found that they were living upon the face of Ark; while the Alven and their Gods relate that they came to Ark of their free will after Azar "the Undying" took Gersemi from them. The Dwarfs say they have always lived within the ground, the Fhraen remember no other place as home, and the lizardfolk speak of times when they ruled the world even before the Aerkay came. The Lizardfolk say they have lived on Ark so long in fact, that they have seen the "blue world" (perhaps earth) where the Thunder Beasts come from and consider the "Blue God" to be the creator of both the Thunder Beasts and their own people. The Dinosaurs of Ark lend proof to this story.

However the various races came to Ark, today humans dominate; but even humanity is divided against itself. There are "breeds" of humanity that are unable to conceive children with others. Many human scholars say that the Aerkay, Alven, Dwarfs, Fhraen and others are all different breeds of humanity that evolved beyond the ability to intermix any longer. Among the groups of humanity that can intermix, there are perhaps dozens of them; with only about a score that are dominant in the world. Ark seems to have taken humanity at various stages though, and so on Ark are found many different "races" of human. Some locked in a seemingly perpetual state of savage existence (such as the Rhul), while others seem to have sprung into civilization when prior to their ascension they were not even recorded upon Ark (such as the Chaeldain).

Whatever the purpose of "The Ark" was originally, today it is a world of splendor and darkness at once. Great monsters live upon its surface and in its waters; while fell terrors have found it from what they call as the boundary between their universe and this: Beyond the Black or simply The Void. There are many secrets to Ark which are truly horrible to comprehend and drive the weak of mind to insanity and deplorable acts of chaos and evil.

Our next journey into Ark will be the Rivlands. I  hope you will join me then!

Want to know more about Rivland before you read the next "Journies in Ark" article? You can find it HERE in hard copy or HERE in PDF.

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